written byPumlani Fani

Every year, the Easter weekend is a time when a myriad of Eastern Cape people will again make their annual mass exodus to various destinations. It is also a time during which road users need to be extra vigilant due to high traffic volumes on our roads. This is the time when we also experience high incidences of road fatalities that result from reckless driving, human error and in some instances drunk driving.

Drunk driving has been identified as one the leading causes of the road accidents, and I wish to remind our road users to refrain from drinking and driving: it kills! All of us would like to arrive home and meet our families in high spirits. Unfortunately, drinking and driving may diminish our chances of reaching our destinations. Besides, road accidents represent a considerable burden to our society. Many people are killed and injured on our roads each year. Besides the physical and emotional toll it has been estimated that accidents cost the South African economy as much as R12 billion per annum. Together we must tackle this burden through refraining from indulging in alcohol. Â

We have also seen increasing number of pedestrian deaths on our roads; some associated with jaywalking. We advise pedestrians to consume alcohol closer to their home so that they do not have to walk on the public roads after consuming alcohol.

I wish to take this opportunity to wish all the people of the Eastern Cape a wonderful Easter Weekend! Don’t drink and drive, arrive home safe; your family awaits you.


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