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By In Uncategorized On December 19, 2019

As we enjoy the 2019 holiday season, a time when drunk driving fatalities historically spike, it must be top of mind for all motorists that driving under the influence of alcohol is simply not an option. Motorists literally hold their lives and the lives of other road users in their hands. It is important to stress that drinking and driving can have negative consequences for everyone on the road, not just drivers. The victims of a driver who has been drinking include the driver’s acquaintances and passengers in other vehicles, in addition to other people on the road, especially the most vulnerable. Road traffic injuries are a growing public health issue, which disproportionately affects vulnerable groups of road users, including the poor. In the Eastern Cape, alcohol use is a leading risk factor in road accidents as it impairs driving ability, influences the drivers’ attitude, decision-making, alertness, judgment, response and controlling of the motor vehicle. Additionally, alcohol use is also a significant contributing factor for pedestrians who are involved in a motor vehicle crash.

Eastern Cape Liquor Board shares widespread concerns about alcohol abuse in general and drunk driving more specifically. We are committed to encourage positive behaviours towards drinking and driving and always promote responsible consumption of alcohol. The consumption of alcohol, even in relatively small amounts, increases the risk of being involved in a crash for motorists and pedestrians. While we’re all eager to get to our holiday destinations, the focus needs to be on getting there safely so that we can enjoy making those unforgettable memories.
We also urge members of community not to over-indulge in alcohol as this may spoil the quality time they are experiencing. It is important to always remember that there is life beyond the Christmas time. Parents must also take responsibility by ensuring that they protect their underage children from abusing alcohol during this Festive season. This is the period when many young people experiment with alcohol, and it inadvertently becomes a habit. We also remind liquor traders to strictly adhere to their trading conditions, which include: observing trading times, not selling to the underage, controlling noise pollution, among others. Community members can report any inconsiderate trading through our Toll-Free line 080 000 0420 or WhatsApp Number 0764036223.

I wish you and your family a fantastic Festive Season and remember, always drink responsibly and do not drink and drive!