written byPumlani Fani

By: Mava Funani

The ECLB was invited by SAB to join forces on Tuesday, 20 March 2018 to march against the abuse women and children, which they experience on daily basis in the hands of their male counterpart.

The diverse group of people gathered at the East London City Hall in Oxford Street under the banner #NoExcuse.

This campaign is centred on men, it urges men to take a stand against any form of abuse inflicted on women and children.

This initiative espouses the ideas of Liquor Board because their focus is on taverns and nightclubs, and these are social spots where people relax and unwind. However, more often these places become a breeding ground of violence and abuse of women. This is where Liquor Board takes a firm stance and robustly denounces any form of violence.

The Liquor Board continues to promote responsible alcohol consumption and violence free society.

One of the attendees was the SANAC Men’s Sector Secretary General Archbishop: Dr Mbulele Dyasi. He said that as civil society they tend to neglect social spots like taverns and nightclubs when they are addressing social ills.

He further stated that they are promoting inclusivity, where everyone is included when social ills are addressed, hence the inclusion of these social spots.

“Men are now coming forward to support this initiative and I urge communities to make it their responsibility to support such initiatives” Dr Dyasi added.

The #NoExcuse organisers have formulated a concept of drinking squads. The squads will be ordinary men in communities who frequently hang out at social spots like taverns where they are trained on how to convey message of violence-free spots in the absence of #NoExcuse campaigners. These men are equipped with skills through peer education.

This initiative will work hand in hand with the Liquor Board in order to combat acts of violence and excessive alcohol consumption in our society.

ECLB was encouraged to work closely with this initiative to form a strong bond and make a remarkable impact in society.



ECLB says #NoExcuse to abuse of women and children!!!



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