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On April 13 and 14, the East London Liquor Board in collaboration with the South African Police Service, targeted 10 illegal liquor outlets in the Buffalo City Metro to reinforce compliance with liquor trading conditions.

Unfortunately, due to a possible information leak prior to the ECLB/SAPS operation, only two of the10 outlets targeted in Leaches’ Bay, Fort Grey, Santa and Amalinda were in operation, as the rest “closed” for the weekend, thereby avoiding arrest.

The two tavern owners are facing prosecution for contravening the Liquor Act and will appear in court.

“Given that some of the establishments were targeted specifically because members of the public had complained about them, and others were discovered through investigations carried out by the ECLB’s Compliance Division, it will only be a matter of time before those that were ‘closed’ are caught flouting liquor laws again and they will be severely dealt with,” says ECLB senior marketing and communications manager Nandipa Sondati.

“Members of the public should contact the Eastern Cape Liquor Board should there be a shebeen or tavern in their area they believe is transgressing liquor laws,” says Sondati. “While pre-inspections are carried out for every new application to assess compliance with liquor laws, post inspections are done consistently to ensure adherence to trading conditions and any liquor outlet not adhering to the strict terms of its licence, will be dealt with,” she says.

The Eastern Cape Liquor Board is stepping up its commitments in terms of regulation of the liquor industry in the Eastern Cape with an increased.

investment in communicating its services, licensing processes and self-regulation campaigns.

“We recognised the importance of reaching a balance between inspiring people to do the right thing, encouraging self-regulation and enforcement,” says Sondati. “We hope the public will play its role by consulting and informing us whenever they notice non-compliance to liquor laws. They could help us root out these transgressors by not calling ahead when we are conducting blitz’s in a specific area where we hope to catch the illegal liquor trading culprit off-guard,” she said.

Issued by the Eastern Cape Liquor Board

For more information please contact: Nandipa Sondati, marketing and communications manager, 043 700 0900 and cell no: 072 611 3990

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