Eastern Cape Liquor Board seriously concerned about the rise in criminal activities attributed to alcohol abuse

written byPumlani Fani


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8 JUNE 2020

Eastern Cape Liquor Board seriously concerned about the rise in criminal activities attributed to alcohol abuse

The unbanning of the sale of alcohol has seen a profoundly disappointing rise on various forms of serious crime in the Province of the Eastern Cape. Numerous types of crimes that have been reported throughout the Province include culpable homicide, murder, assault and attempted murder. Reported cases during this period also include drunk driving and drunk pedestrians hit by passing cars. All these cases are a clear illustration of the extent to which people blatantly flout the Alert Level 3 lockdown regulations, which, among other things, stipulate that people must drink alcohol at home.

The Eastern Cape Liquor Board is seriously concerned with this state of affairs and its liquor inspectors, in collaboration with SAPS, are working around the clock to clamp down on non-compliance throughout the Province. In instances where non-compliance is identified, a liquor license is immediately withdrawn to demonstrate the significance of adherence to the regulations.

We further wish to unambiguously extend a stern word of warning to members of public who wittingly contravene the regulations by, among other things, consuming alcohol away from their homes and in some instances in groups. The fact that there has been an upsurge in alcohol related road accidents is a patent proof of the high levels of non-compliance with the regulation, which prescribes that people must consume alcohol at home. This behaviour manifestly militates against government’s concerted efforts of reducing the rapid spread of Covid 19 in the Eastern Cape, and it occurs during the period when the Eastern Cape is experiencing exponential increase in Covid 19 cases.  We continue to urge people to drink responsibly, and obey the regulations by consuming alcohol in their households. We strongly denounce the consumption of alcohol in groups as this contravenes social distancing requirements and may exacerbate the spread of the Covid 19 in our communities. Once again, people must take responsibility for their lives and prevent the rapid spread of the Covid 19 by strictly adhering to all the precautionary measures as prescribed. It is an undeniable fact that intoxicated people will rarely observe Covid 19 precautionary measures, and this might be a recipe for the escalation of case in our communities.

Members of the public are urged to report any suspected cases of the contravention of the liquor trading regulations to the nearest police station or to the ECLB Complaints numbers: Toll Free Line 080 000 0420 or WhatsApp number 076 403 6223.

For more information, you can contact ECLB spokesperson Mgwebi Msiya at 060 501 6418 and at Mgwebi.msiya@eclb.co.za


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