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In its endeavor to alleviate underage drinking, Eastern Cape Liquor Board (ECLB) will host schools debate and drama competition at Ngcobo Town Hall. ECLB continues to fight underage drinking in the impoverished communities, last month sports tournament was hosted in Gompo at Buffalo City Municipality and we are now using drama and debate for the benefit of the pupils who are not active in sports to engage in this pandemic that impedes the future of many youth. Ten schools from around Ngcobo villages will compete in these two categories of drama and debate, with the main aim of making the young ones messengers of our theme to their peers which is “BOOZE NOT FOR LEARNERS”. The aim is to educate and influence behavioral change in groups that have inclination to abuse liquor and sensitize them about the consequence of drinking. Chris Hani District Municipality will be launching their first ever edu drama and debate competition under the flagship program organized by Eastern Cape Liquor Board at Ngcobo Local Municipality.

Prior to this event South African Breweries (SAB) in conjunction with Eastern Cape Liquor Board saw it necessary to conduct training session whereby parents and traditional leaders of these young people, who will part take in this completion will be equipped in dealing with underage drinking. The training will focus in providing necessary wisdom and skills to parents, teachers and the community at large on how to handle underage drinking issues in their communities and at school. The training will also be held at Ngcobo Town Hall, 09h00 on the 18 September 2014.

The ECLB is responding to the results of the socio-economic research study which found that about 36% of learners in Grades 8, 9 and 10 have ever tested liquor. The study was commissioned with a view to establishing the socio-economic impact of alcohol abuse in the Eastern Cape. Findings on the prevalence of alcohol consumption among learners raised alarm within the Eastern Cape Liquor, and intervention strategies have been developed to ensure that school-going youth are educated about the negative effects of alcohol abuse, and underage drinking, thereof.

Drama and debate has been identified as one of the most effective mechanisms to alleviate abuse of alcohol abuse among young people, and Eastern Cape Liquor Board has adopted the same approach of utilizing drama and debate to keep young people away from liquor consumption.

You are therefore cordially invited to join ECLB in its fight against the scourge of the abuse of alcohol and underage drinking. The details of the event are as follows:

Venue: Ngcobo Town Hall
Time: 09h00
Date: 19 September 2014

For further enquiries you can contact ECLB Spokesperson Mr. Mgwebi Msiya on 0605016418 0r Contact Senior Communication Officer, Pumlani Fani on 0605546950.

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