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By: Mava Funani

It is with continued relish and enthusiasm that ECLB rolled out a successful drunk-driving Easter campaign, on the 27-28 March 2018. Drunk driving continues to be among the biggest contributors to the road fatalities in the Eastern Cape. Henceforth, Social Accountability increased its efforts to combat the abhorrent behaviour among road users of driving under the influence of alcohol.

ECLB employees conducting a road safety campaign around Dutywa taxi ranks

In an endeavour to send its message on the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, ECLB visited a number of taxi ranks and taverns in Mthatha, Butterworth and Dutywa.  The Board girdled up in this time of the year to obviate road fatalities and pedestrian fatalities as a result of alcohol consumption.

During the visits, the Board engaged people on a number of issues including the role of the Board, however, focal point was encouraging them to act responsibly during the period in particular.

Speaking to the ECLB Mr Sebenzile Mafekhula, who is the prominent leader and a taxi driver, said, “We value these initiatives that Liquor Board embarks on and as drivers it is with utmost importance to refrain from alcohol consumption when driving because we carry “lives” and so it is imperative that we never forget that they must arrive safely to their destinations”

The driver further stated that they have encounters where taxi drivers are under the influence of alcohol but they have chastisement in place and as drivers they denounce such acts of drunk driving. He urged the Liquor Board to constantly visit taxi ranks to remind taxi drivers about their responsibilities. ECLB takes inspiration in these words and hopes majority of drivers/road users could share the same sentiment about their responsibility on the roads.

These Easter Weekend campaigns have acted as catalyst for the ECLB’s endeavour to fight the scourge of drunk driving in the Eastern Cape. ECLB commits to linger on with creating awareness and reminding the public about socio-economic impact of alcohol consumption and responsible alcohol trading. In view of this campaign, ECLB hopes that there will be drastic reduction in alcohol-related road crashes and fatalities in the Eastern Cape as many road users are beginning to realise the calamities that result from drunk driving.


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